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The Noel Fisher Fans staff and our contest winner had the opportunity to see Noel Fisher’s short film “Commerce” last night at the Manhattan Film Festival, directed by the wonderful Lisa Robertson and also starring Annabeth Gish and Joel Gretch. This 18 minutes (yes it was really 18 minutes) was packed with emotion and drama and some amazing acting by Joel, Annabeth, and of course Noel! The audience and director specifically commented on Noel’s excellent acting, and Lisa shared that she actually wrote Noel’s role of “Pete” and Annabeth’s role of “Beth” for them specifically. She works closely with them as an acting coach in LA (along with some other fantastic actors), so it really worked out well. Lisa said she’s written the script for a full length version, so we obviously hope its made, but especially using the same actors! I can’t imagine it without them!

The small theater was PACKED and was eventually standing room only for this short film, but it really accomplished a lot in that short period of time and left you wanting to know more.If y haven’t seen the trailer, click here. Please support this project by following these accounts/pages:

Commerce on Twitter

Commerce Website

Lisa Robertson, Director 

Annabeth Gish “Beth”

Noel Fisher “Pete”


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