Third Annual Birthday Donation Drive!

We started this two years ago and Noel has graciously agreed to do it again!


Donate any amount of your choosing to Noel’s favorite charity*,, and then send us your proof of donation via email to with your twitter handle (if you have one), full name and country by Friday, March 14 at 11:59pm PST for a chance to win an autographed DVD copy of “Shameless The Complete 3rd Season” or an autographed photo of Noel of your choosing**, winner’s choice. ETA: I will be selecting two winners, one for the DVD and the other for photo.

Each donation you submit is a single entry and the winner will be selected from all eligible entries (open to all countries). The winner will be announced via twitter/facebook/website and email to the winner on Saturday, March 15th.

*Outside the US and can’t access these sites to donate? Donate to a similar charity in your country and you will be eligible.
**Photo quality must be high enough to print

UPDATE: Contest is over and the winners have been notified.  Thanks to everyone who donated!


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