The Alibi Awards


UPDATE: Polls are closed but check out the winners here.


Waiting for a new season of Shameless is quite daunting.  In an effort to help relieve some of the “hiatus blues,” we have teamed up with ShamelessNews & TeamGallavich to bring you the first annual Alibi Awards.

Over the next few weeks we will bring you two new polls for you to vote on every Tuesday and Thursday.  Simply click on a category below to make your selections.  The winners will be announced after all the polls have officially closed.

  • Performance Most Worthy of an Emmy

  • Performance Most Worthy of an Emmy by a Younger Performer

  • Scene Most Likely To Induce Tears

  • Sweetest Moment

  • Favorite Couple – closed

  • Best Kiss – closed

  • Favorite Gallavich Moment – closed

  • Best Mickey Milkovich Line – closed

  • Favorite Frank Moment – closed

  • Funniest Kevin Ball Line – closed

  • Funniest Exchange – closed

  • Best One-Liner – closed

  • Most Overall Shameless Moment – closed

  • Most Shameless Sex Scene – closed

  • Best “Where the f**k were you last week?” Opening – closed

  • Favorite Shameless Writer/Episode – closed

  • Favorite Recurring Character – closed

  • Favorite Guest Star – closed

  • Most Shameless Death – closed

  • Favorite Milkovich (Who isn’t Mickey or Mandy) – closed


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