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Noel Birthday Contest Updates

We’re excited to present more information on our two contests in honor of Noel’s birthday next week:

“Shameless” Season 1 DVD Set Birthday Giveaway

Donate an amount of your choosing to one of Noel’s favorite charities*: or and then send us your proof of donation via email to with your full name and city, state, and country by Saturday, March 31 at 11:59pm for a chance to win “Shameless” Season 1 DVD set. Each donation is a single entry (only one per person per organization is eligible, but you can donate to both organizations and get two entries) and the winner will be selected from all eligible entries (open to all countries). The winner will be announced via twitter/facebook/website and email to the winner on Monday, April 2 around 12:00 noon. We promise it won’t be an April Fools Joke!

*Outside the US and can’t access these sites to donate?  Donate to a similar charity in your country and you will be eligible.


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