More “Shameless” Season 3 Spoilers!

We tweeted this last night thanks to iiangallagher on Tumblr, but wanted to make sure everyone saw it!

“This week,’s New TV Preview Week is celebrating our favorite (and least favorite) spring premieres by doing what we do best: watching them in advance and letting you know if they’re worth your time. Each day, we’ll be putting one major show under the microscope, and today, Terron R. Moore attempts to prove–again–why Shameless is the best show on television. WARNING, spoilers may be ahead.

Shameless will also handle some big cliffhangers from last season, though it will initally take a while. Ian’s relationships with Mickey as well as Steve’s dad will take some interesting twists and turns: those of you hoping that the boy Milkovich would grow to have a heart might have something to celebrate this time around.”

Read more about this season of Shameless at the source.

1 comment on “More “Shameless” Season 3 Spoilers!

  1. OMG OMG OMG. YES! *celebrates*

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