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Preview of Next Week’s “Shameless” – May I Trim Your Hedges?

Mickey S3x03

We posted the description for episode three already, but wanted to include it with all the stills and video links in one post.

Video: Paid for My Mistake (This is where we took the above screen cap)

Video: Episode Three Preview

303: May I Trim Your Hedges?

Written by Krista Vernoff and Directed by Steve Shill

Frank is supposed to take baby Hymie for his check-up, but when he learns that dying kids can get Bulls tickets from The Wishing Lane Foundation he tells Carl he has cancer.

Fiona seeks a cashier job at the grocery store. The new manager expects a blowjob in return. Fiona enlists V’s help to blackmail him.

Debbie witnesses a guy jerking off on the train, prompting the family to hunt down other sex offenders in their neighborhood. They learn a pedophile lives down the street and the boys rally to get rid of him. When ‘he’ turns out to be a ‘she’, Lip’s interested for a very different reason.

Veronica’s spent the night on the Gallagher couch. She hates the connection Kev shares with his wife and she’s stung by the news that Kyle may be Kev’s son. Jimmy and Este attempt to fake out the INS. Mickey beats up Ned. Mandy teaches Debbie how to take down a perv. And Carl is offered the trip of his short lifetime to cancer camp.

 photo CarlampFrank_zps75ed3b7a.jpg photo Vandtheex_zpsfcfecd6f.jpg photo HymieAlibi_zps84d0d85e.jpg photo IanampLloyd_zps17397791.jpg photo Steve_zps150f0a5f.jpg photo FionaampKev_zpscedf9f5d.jpg photo Vthrowingshade_zps5431069b.jpg photo Mickey_zpseb223a86.jpg

 photo Kev_zps1eda264b.jpg photo dress_zps4769ee23.jpg

Photo Credits: Showtime

2 comments on “Preview of Next Week’s “Shameless” – May I Trim Your Hedges?

  1. I don’t know how I would survive without your summaries, videos, photos and everything. Thank you so much for everything! The waiting is not that hard with all of this. Thanks! ^^ (And I nearly died with last night’s episode. And there wasn’t that much of Mickey, after all. I don’t even know what I’m gonna do from now on. Noel’s gonna be the reason of my premature death, I’m sure of that. Let him know if that happens. I want him to know that he caused the death of a not-a-teenager-anymore girl because Mickey’s “cuteness” was too much for her)

    • Oh wow! Thank you so much for that great comment! I’m glad you enjoy our posts. I agree this season is going to drive me crazy with all the things that are suppose to happen!

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