How would you like to click on Noel’s twitter profile and see this:


We are giving you a chance for that to happen!

Noel has agreed to follow one of our followers in honor of our 2nd anniversary!

So, what do you have to do?

1.  Follow us on Twitter (@noelfisherfans) & retweet the tweet that linked you to this page

2.  If you’re on Facebook, like our page

3.  Answer the following trivia questions via email, you must include your twitter name, to  Answers to these questions can all be found here on our site.

  • When did we post that Noel “liked” our Facebook page?  (List date of post)
  • What game did we photoshop Noel into and when did we post it? (List name of the game and date of post)
  • Which was the first ever photoshoot of Noel posted on our site?
  • When did we post, “Noel & Layla at the 26th Genesis Awards”

When you submit your responses via email you will receive a number once we verify that they are correct and that you follow us on Twitter.  We will select the winning number when we reach 700 twitter followers.  How soon we announce is up to you!

We may have something special for the runner-up, so be sure to enter!!

-One entry per person and Noel cannot already be your twitter follower.
-Noel has the right to unfollow you after a period of one month


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