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EXCLUSIVE ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Set Pics

Today we were lucky enough to catch Noel and the rest of the cast on their way to an inside set for the movie.  It looks like they were also setting up to film outside until about 6AM (OUCH!).  We’ll come back another time and hopefully get some shots of Noel in action.
 photo NFF8_zps98afc55d.jpg

We spoke to Noel for a little bit and got to see the nunchucks he was about to use for the scene.  It was very cool to see his Turtle gear up close and also the make-up they are using on his face, along with a lot of dots.  We obviously didn’t take close up shots of everyone, but took some shots from a distance before and after we spoke to Noel.  Always great to see Noel!

We took the last picture because the props they were bringing to set looked interesting.  I wonder who’s wearing the zebra…

 photo NFF1_zps7d548999.jpg photo NFF2_zps421b4b07.jpg photo NFF3_zpse2b40812.jpg photo NFF4_zpsc8035699.jpg photo NFF5_zpsd17ec925.jpg photo NFF6_zps813d2bf4.jpg photo NFF7_zps95dab93d.jpg photo NFF8_zps98afc55d.jpg photo NFF9_zps9eacda1a.jpg photo NFF10_zps4e1bf093.jpg

Did we mention how awesome Noel is?  It’s worth repeating! 🙂

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