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How would you like to be part of the promotion for season four of “Shameless” and possibly win some cash?  Showtime is giving creative “Shameless” fans the chance to do just that and giving out $30,000 in prizes to the winners.  Fans can also vote for their favorites.


All the details are posted on the website but here’s a little info on what you need to do to enter:


Every family has a ‘black sheep’ – but what if your entire family was a herd of ‘black sheep’? They’re Shameless – brash and brazen with no sense of boundaries, living out loud to their own soundtrack. But even though they may sometimes drive others crazy, they’re all heart. They’ve got a passion for life that we admire and endearing qualities that make us secretly love them a little more than our more conventional – and way more boring – relatives.

Create a 30 second to 2 minute video profiling a true or fictional person that embodies a truly “Shameless” personality. What is their story, how do they interact within their family dynamic and what makes them “Shameless”? The video should have a strong narrative component that highlights these larger than life characters that we all can relate to.

Be sure to read all the rules and let us know if you post a video so we can tweet our followers to view and vote.  Even if you are not planning on submitting a video, keep visiting the website to vote for your favorites.

Hurry, the deadline for early submissions is December 19th, all others January 2nd.

Good Luck!



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