Birthday Charity Noel's Birthday

Third Annual Birthday Donation Drive!

We started this two years ago and Noel has graciously agreed to do it again!


Donate any amount of your choosing to Noel’s favorite charity*,, and then send us your proof of donation via email to with your twitter handle (if you have one), full name and country by Friday, March 14 at 11:59pm PST for a chance to win an autographed DVD copy of “Shameless The Complete 3rd Season” or an autographed photo of Noel of your choosing**, winner’s choice. ETA: I will be selecting two winners, one for the DVD and the other for photo.

Each donation you submit is a single entry and the winner will be selected from all eligible entries (open to all countries). The winner will be announced via twitter/facebook/website and email to the winner on Saturday, March 15th.

*Outside the US and can’t access these sites to donate? Donate to a similar charity in your country and you will be eligible.
**Photo quality must be high enough to print

UPDATE: Contest is over and the winners have been notified.  Thanks to everyone who donated!

1 comment on “Third Annual Birthday Donation Drive!

  1. I HAVE NOT forgotten his birthday. March 13th…hurry. Dirty 30! ❤

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