“Shameless” Soundtrack Set to Release on April 15th!

12322Varèse Sarabande Records is releasing a  “Shameless – Music From The Television Series” on April 15th, compiling songs from all four seasons.  The track list includes the theme song, along with a selection of other songs featured throughout the seasons they hope emulate the spirit of the show.

“It was really hard narrowing the track list down!” said Kline. “We tried to include songs that really captured the essence of the show. So, some of the tracks are wild, some quirky and some are really sad, but all areShameless. Hopefully we can put out some follow up soundtracks, because there were tons more songs we would have loved to include, many of which are hard to find.” Read more

Check out the entire track list here and be sure to purchase it on April 15th, available both digitally and on CD, to support our beloved show!

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