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Noel’s Role on ‘The Connors’!

shamless showtime mickey noel fisher

According to TVLine, will play the role of Dan’s half-brother Ed on The Connors.  As you know, Emma Kenney, Noel’s Shameless castmate, is a star on the show.

As OG Roseanne fans recall, “Little Ed” is the late-in-life child that Dan’s dad Ed Sr. (Ned Beatty) had with second wife Crystal (Natalie West). Ed Sr. and Crystal also had a daughter, Angela.

Now in his 20s, Ed Jr. is a college graduate who harbors some resentment towards his older brother for not helping care for their octogenarian dad.

CinemaBlend has some more about Noel’s character here.

Noel is scheduled to appear in at least two episodes this season.  The first one will air in February.

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