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Want to send Noel some fan mail?  Here is the address:
Noel Fisher
c/o Paul Brown
Industry Entertainment
955 South Carillo Drive
3rd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90048

5 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Joe Sparks

    so i just cam across ur website and i have to say its awesome. i been following shameless since season one so of course i came to know of Noel Fisher. but not until the 4th season have i got to really appreciate him as an actor. so i was so happy to come across your site. i know it seems to be a little late but i will for sure be popping in to check on any and all updates…..of and ur web casts are hilarious.

    • It’s great that you found us & Noel! Noel is not only a great actor, but even greater human being. Enjoy the site & Noel binging 🙂

  2. I have been so touched by Noel’s portrayal of Mickie on Shameless. He totally brings across the view of a hard-exterior street fighter, while letting the real vulnerability of a hurt child that he holds inside bubble up from just beneath the surface. One of the main reasons I tune in is hoping for more of these moments. Phenomenal work Noel!

  3. We love Noel too (Emmy worthy)! We also scored an exclusive interview with Shameless co-star Nichole Bloom, who plays Amanda.

  4. iv really onlyseen him on breaking dawn pt 2 but … he killed it ! oh and TMNT too 🙂

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