Favorite Milkovich (Who isn’t Mickey or Mandy)



Terry Milkovich first appeared in “Frank Gallagher: Loving Father, Devoted Husband” in Season 1 when he walked in on Ian & Mickey shortly after their first time. While Terry is a despicable human being, Dennis Cockrum is brilliant in the role, which is why he’s earned a place amongst the Favorite Milkovich nominees.




Svetlana Milkovich first appeared in “Cascading Failures” and was only known to the audience as the “suka” who Terry forced to have sex with Mickey. By the end of Season 4 Svetlana had married Mickey, had a baby & established herself as a lesbian. Which leaves us wondering, what in the world will she do next?



Molly Milkovich first appeared in “The Helpful Gallaghers” when it was discovered that Terry had a daughter with a ‘meth-head’ who had ‘died.’ As it turned out, the mother wasn’t dead so much as she was at work. Unfortunately we never saw Molly again so we are unaware of how her life has gone since then, but the impression she left lasts to this day.



Iggy Milkovich first appeared in “Parenthood” when Mickey went home in search of assistance getting rid of Frank Gallagher. At this point not much is known about Iggy other than he is one of 5 Milkovich siblings and he’ll drop everything if one of his siblings need help intimidating neighborhood pedophiles. And really, when it comes to having a brother, what more can one ask for.



Colin Milkovich first appeared in “Parenthood” along with his brother Iggy. Again, not much is known about Colin, other than he seems to know which form of murder will land you in jail faster. Personally, we find that a very useful skill to have around.

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  1. M.T. Franklin

    Very cool you guys are doing this!

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