Favorite Recurring Character


Vanessa Calloway/Carol Fisher first appeared in “Casey Casden” at The Alibi Room, but it wasn’t until she participated in what can only be described as the most twisted threesome in history that her presence was felt regardless if she was in the episode or not.



Madison Davenport/Ethel first appeared in “It’s Time to Kill the Turtle” as Kevin and Veronica’s foster child. At first it appeared as though Ethel didn’t fit in with the rest of the clan; however, soon, like Kev & V, we had come to feel as though she were part of the family. Aside from a couple of postcards, Ethel hasn’t been seen since Season 2, but that doesn’t stop Shameless fans from naming her the past character they’d most like to pop back up.


betoBernardo de Paula/Beto first appeared in “El Gran Canon” as one of Carlos’ henchman who did everything from babysit Estefania to disposing of bodies to following Jimmy/Steve around to make sure he didn’t get into trouble. While the storyline may not have been one of fan’s favorites from the 3rd season Beto quickly became a fan favorite.



Nichole Bloom/Amanda first appeared in “Simple Pleasures” as the uptight girl friend of Lip’s roommate. Of course with Lip around it wasn’t surprising that Amanda found herself drawn to him. While it was never established if Amanda & Lip were officially a couple, by the end of the 4th season it was clear they meant something to each other. Whether that carries over to next season remains to be seen.


svetlana (1)

Isidora Goreshter/Svetlana While Svetlana first appeared in the 3rd season, it wasn’t until the 4th season that her role was firmly established on the show. Sold by her father as a child, Svetlana was forced to learn how to survive, which sometimes meant aligning herself with men like Terry. By the end of Season 4, Mickey and Svetlana appeared to have called a truce with Svetlana accepting Ian as part of Mickey’s life and Mickey accepting that he would have to help take care of their son.


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