Favorite Shameless Writer/Episode

krista vernoff may i trimKrista Vernoff/May I Trim Your Hedges – Store Managers who demand blow jobs in exchange for employment. Lip goes after a pedophile. Veronica shows someone what happens when you hurt her man. And Mickey shows Ian his jealous side. It’s just another day on the Southside and Krista Vernoff brought the chaos in all the right ways.

alex borstein cascading failuresAlex Borstein/Cascading Failures – When one thing goes wrong, it all goes wrong and no one does it better than the Gallaghers, except for maybe the Milkoviches. From warding off potential adoptees to being physically attacked to discovering the ultimate betrayal, Alex Borstein shows she’s got one hell of a set of dramatic chops on her.

nancy pimental emilyNancy Pimental/Emily – What has been hailed as “the best coming out, ever” just so happened to be written by the same person who declared that Mickey would never admit to being gay. Something tells us she’s been cooking up this episode in her mind for a while now. And if you didn’t tear up when a dying Frank Gallagher told Fiona/Emily he was sorry he wasn’t a better father and he had always loved her you may not be human.

mike omalley summer lovingMike O’Malley/Summer Loving – Remember those bright, fun-filled summer days back in season 2? We do too, and from start to finish Mike O’Malley brought us one of the few “lighter episodes” while still managing to sprinkle in everything we had come to love about Shameless through out the episode. Butterface, anyone? Or maybe “You wanna chit chat some more or you wanna get on me?” is more to your liking. There’s something for everyone.

sheila callaghan hope springs paternalSheila Callaghan/Hope Springs Paternal – From the moment we saw Ian say “For $20 I will tell you what happened last week on Shameless” we knew this episode was going to be something special and Sheila came through for us in everyway possible. While Ian & Mickey’s epic club kiss and Mickey’s “together” undoubtedly stole the show we cannot forget the heated exchange between Fiona & Lip or Kevin’s heart-wrenching plea “I can’t lose him, V.”

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