Most Shameless Death


DottieButterface/Dottie Corones Poor Dottie, we should have known her days were numbered when Frank entered her orbit. It wasn’t enough people called her “Butterface” behind her back, but here we had Frank trying to scam her for her pension. That may have been forgiveable by Shameless standards, but then he had to go and turn down her new heart because he thought it would bring him a winfall. Frank sucks.

karensdadEddie Jackson was one of those characters that you found yourself not liking from the moment he stepped on screen. We’re thinking it was all the “reap what you sow” talk while carrying a box of clowns that did the trick. No one carrying a full emotional deck has any business owning that many clown related items. We won’t lie, when Eddie tied a cement block to his body and took a swim in Lake Michigan we were pretty freaking happy.

nana sheilaNana Gallagher we knew Nana Gallagher wasn’t going to be around long once it came out that she had cancer, but no way could we have seen she was going to be taken out by a suicide assisting Sheila Jackson. After learning about the abuse Frank suffered at her hands we have to admit she got off pretty freaking easy.

aunt gingerAunt Ginger  No, not that Aunt Ginger, the real Aunt Ginger. The Aunt Ginger who worked the corner for money. The Aunt Ginger who partied harder and longer than Frank Gallagher ever could, The Aunt Ginger whose last act on this earth was to die while doing a line of coke. Yeah, that Aunt Ginger. Although, if you think about it she did go out doing exactly what she wanted to do and really, what more can we ask out of life?

emilyEmily  You may be wondering why Emily made our list considering she was an innocent little girl who should have had her entire life in front of her. Except that is exactly why she’s on the list, because out of all of them her she was the one you most expected to live. Especially considering her roommate was Frank Gallagher. Sometimes the guy who has spent the better part of his adult life being the lowest of the low, lives. And sometimes the little girl who had everything to look forward to, doesn’t. Sometimes, life is shameless.

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