Most Shameless Sex Scene


Fiona_CraigFiona & Craig Heisner ­ Fiona tried to recapture her high school years with her crush, only to find out that some things are better left unexplored. Minivan sex filled with diapers, food and kid’s toys taught Fiona that fantasizing about what could’ve been is a stark contrast to the reality of the situation.

threesome1V/Kev/Carol aka Threesome that shall not be named – There are few things on Shameless that may cause scarring to the brain and these scenes were one of them. While the purpose of the encounter was understandable, the actions that followed were definitely far from rational. Thankfully V has enough babies of her own so that they won’t have to keep inviting grandma into the bedroom. [Insert shivers here]

- Poor Butterface. Her last romp in the sack and it’s with the man that just moments before purposely prevented her from getting the transplant she needed. You know you’re desperate when you choose Frank as the last thing you’ll see, or feel, before you kick the bucket.

- We can probably all agree that Karen is pretty shameless, but seducing Frank was probably the most disturbing thing she’s done. Trying to get back at her dad by having sex with Frank was just as damaging for her as it was for us to watch.


Jimmy/Estefania ­ Estefania is clearly about getting what she needs, finger splint be damned! Jimmy looked genuinely looked torn between his loyalty to Fiona and his need to keep his “bride” content. Too bad neither relationship ended well for Jimmy.

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