Such a sad episode and also weird thanks to Kev & V…

save it for the commercial break

Episode 306

This week, the Department of Family Services takes the kids away from the Gallagher house.

Lip and Ian get placed in a group home for delinquents and deviants. It’s not so bad for them since they have experience being in the system.  With Mickey and Mandy’s dad out of town, she sneaks in to the home for a conjugal visit with Lip while Ian sneaks out to play house with Mickey. Surprise! His dad shows up and ends up beating Mickey to a pulp and calling “The Russian” to take care of Ian.

Debbie ends up running her own daycare in the house she’s placed. The foster lady has too many kids and she ends up leading the show. Sneaking a quick text to let Fiona know where she is, Fiona visits her and they share a sweet moment and a Hershey’s kiss.

Carl and Liam get placed with a…

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