Noel at the GBK’s Luxury Lounge in Honor of the 2013 Oscar Nominees & Presenters – Day 1

 photo 162400134_zpse85f7a47.jpg

 photo 162400041_zps4728f0e3.jpg photo 162400045_zps34ecc103.jpg photo 162400132_zpsde641d16.jpg photo 162400039_zpse003c244.jpg photo 162400044_zpsfab00fb9.jpg

Via The Vampire Club

ETA: Pictures from
 photo noel-fisher-gbk-host-a-gift-lounge_3520929_zps06a2d976.jpg photo noel-fisher-guest-gbk-host-a-gift-lounge_3520925_zps66eed9f2.jpg photo noel-fisher-gbk-host-a-gift-lounge_3520906_zpsdc6668b5.jpg photo noel-fisher-gbk-host-a-gift-lounge_3520900_zpse6fbe7fc.jpg


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