“Shameless” Season 3 Available on iTunes with “Being Mandy & Mickey Milkovich” Special Feature

Some people in the US have noticed that once again “Shameless” has been removed from Showtime’s On Demand or Anytime apps.  [Insert sad face here]  The reason for this disappearance might be because all three seasons are available on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.  Season Three DVD is available for pre-order on Amazon now, but most likely will not be released until December.


As a bonus, if you purchase the entire set of season three episodes on iTunes, you will get two special features not available on Amazon.  My fingers are crossed that they will also be available on the DVD, but for right now this is the only way to see the “Being Mandy & Mickey Milkovich” special feature.


It’s great to see that the Milkoviches are getting some love and we get to hear what the writers and producers feel about our beloved characters (no matter how screwed up they are!)

Let us know what you think about the special features.



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